The Spring/Summer poster and shows!

Merry has made a gorgeous poster for our next string of shows. Sticks out among the other posters on the telephone pole too! Hope you like it. We will be screen printing it soon and will have it at our upcoming shows.

April was a blast. We have to thank Chloe for being on the dance floor for all three hours at Rock Creek Tavern on the 30th. That really topped the whole month off right. We met a lot of new folks over the last 10 shows or so and are planning returns pretty much everywhere we played. Our next gig is our very first one at LaurelThirst Public House. Michael Dean Damron will open the show, I'd go just for that but you should stick around and see us too. Wednesday May 11 at 9p.

Merry and I will record some tracks as a two-piece and post them soon. We want to get you a sample of how our sound has evolved given all of our recent changes. The NW has a ton of great places to play. Our schedule has been busier than it has been in years. It's given us the opportunity to try various arrangements on our instruments to fit the vibe of whatever venue we are playing. Those three set nights keep us fit too. All great experiences as we move towards recording fresh tunes.