The Mutineers Reboot!

After hunting for a new member to join The Mutineers as we embark on a new era, we have given up...

Haha! Not giving up on the band or the songs, just on the idea that we need to add another member. Finding a motivated and reliable person in the area is daunting, and we are asking for a pretty tough commitment out of an adult. So many people have children and wives and decent jobs. WTF?! But it's going to be ok. Everything works out in its own way.

When we moved into our latest practice space, it came with an upright piano that the previous band did not wish to move out. It is out of tune (in a very endearing way) and some of the keys and hammers are busted, but it has sat there asking to be played. So Brian began to play it, a lot. And when rehearsal was feeling unsatisfying without a bassist, we put a mic on it and started to re-imagine our catalog. And we began to fall for the piano, kind of like a young kid realizing a first crush. And we've pursued this idea with gusto.

We've geared up. Bought a sweet keyboard with weighted keys and a gnarly road case. And we've left the idea of adding a member behind, for now. The sound has morphed into something more honky-tonk, less bluegrassy, more like old rock n roll, less like pub rock. We are being heavily influenced by The Band and the soulful rock of the early 70's. It's sounding beefy, exciting, and invigorated. When we've told our friends about the instrumentation change, they worry. "A piano? Does that mean you will be covering Tori Amos songs? Are you going to sit down during your performance? Say it ain't so!" We get it. When rock bands let their singers play the piano, what usually happens is he/she sings a bunch of sappy ballads that leave behind the vibe and history of the band. (See: November Rain, or any of the half-assed ballads of the late 80's/early 90's) But this is not what we are doing. You will have to come out and catch a show to see what we mean and you will soon have the opportunity. We have scheduled a tour around the annual event RANCHFEST hosted by our friends in Finn Riggins up in Idaho. We have a couple dates to finalize before we post the schedule. The dates will be Wednesday May 21 thru Wednesday May 28 all in the western states. Sorry rest of America and the world. We will visit you soon.

After the tour, we will have our first show back in SB since last November. We look forward to reintroducing ourselves to you all. There will be new songs along with our revamped older catalog. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we've done with the place. Stay tuned for more details. Cheers from The Mutineers.