Only three shows left before The Mutineers go into hiding! or Notes on a Tour Near Completion

May and June have been really busy for us Mutes. Some of the best shows of our career have happened over the past few weeks. We can't thank you all enough for the support and opportunities. We were very active on Facebook while on the road, so you can still catch some of the highlights that we documented for all the world to see here. I'll give you the key moments right here tho:

- SLO Frog & Peach. Great to see so many folks we met at the Murder By Death show in May. Terry's new bass made its debut performance and sounded great. Merry was asked to slow dance after the show by a fresh faced 20 something. aawwwwww.
- SF Plough & Stars. Spent the day at our favorite SF bar, Zeitgeist! So many beers on tap. Then to Golden Gate Park where Merry filled Brian's beard with wild flowers and we sang a capela in the public restroom only to find a crowd of people standing at the door listening when we emerged. After a fun show at Plough & Stars, we convinced our friend Megan to throw caution to the wind and jump in the van for the rest of the tour. Haha! Later that night, while driving along route 37, we veered off the road and into the bay, where we all drowned and went to band heaven. At least that was the only reasoning we could find for having such great luck on the road. That night, for reasons not entirely clear, the Marriot gave us two rooms for $67. Score!
- Cottage Grove, OR Axe & Fiddle. Band heaven continued with a relaxing double set just outside Eugene. We played a lot of songs that are rarely heard and got a sweet response from the locals. Thank you to our road angel Jessica for putting us up in your lovely home and feeding us spinach and broccoli quiche in the morning.
- PDX Secret Society Ballroom. The sun was raging in Portland for us. Merry's family came out to see us perform for the first time ever. Mike jumped into the crowd to rock out with Mom during Ace. We were all delighted to reunite with our buddy Morgan and his stellar band Drunken Prayer. We all danced the night away and met some real friendly folks. Followed by an epic party hosted by John and Carrie. Cheers guys. Thanks for having us. It was a blast
- Congratz to Morgan and Christa on their wedding that we were honored to attend on Sunday at the Deer Lodge. Couldn't have picked a better way to end the trip. Lots of new faces, but all felt like family.

We will return to SLO and SF, at least, in the fall. In the meantime, we will be at Cold Spring Tavern on 6/29, Firestone Winery on 7/12, and El Rey Cantina in Ventura on 7/20. Then its time for Merry and Brian to get married. And for the band, its time to finish writing and recording the next album. So we will disappear for a while. When we return it will be with a vengeance. Ready to conquer the world.