Live Album on the Way. Autumn poster release

We had a great tour down through California last month. It's always a huge boost to get out and play back to back, night after night. It really tightens the screws on the performance. So at the suggestion of our supportive friends down south, we got ourselves some studio time as soon as we returned to Portland to try and grab some of that magic we felt on tour. We recorded 11 songs, completely live and without overdubs. Merry and I both wanted a recording in our merch booth and in our store that  sounds like our current live show. There's some minor mixing to be done yet and album art to create, but the album "Live at B-Side" will be available in just a few weeks. We hope you enjoy the sound of our naked selves, baring it all for you, just like we do on stage. A huge thank you to our Gentle Shepherd, Raymond Richards, for guiding us through this whirlwind recording.

And suddenly, it was Autumn again.

Here we are, the most bestest time of year in my estimation. You know the deal. Hot drinks, warm sweaters, dogs in jackets, cats in coats, and brilliant falling maple leaves. And because we made it our goal this year, we have the fourth and final edition of the seasonal posters. What's cozier in the Fall than a big ol' beard? Check out the world of joy that Merry believes thrives in the eco-sphere of my beard. It's the Autumn Poster and it will be available in our merch store and at our shows just as soon as I get around to printing it.