Girls Rock SB!

Hey folks. You may have seen Merry and I playing shows lately with Ralph Lowi and/or Matt Sayles, using some name or other each time, but not The Mutineers. That's been a tough one for us without Michael. Out of respect for his absence and out of sheer sadness we have suspended the old band name. We continue to play and write new songs, but we also include plenty from our catalog of Mutes music. Playing at SLO Brew a few weeks back, I was struck by the empty spaces in the songs where Michael's guitar licks would be. I almost wanted to fill up those spaces with something, but I left it open. It was nice, I could almost hear the parts he would play.

As long as Merry and I are still playing together, I know the Mutineers live on and we can continue to commune with Michael through the songs. I'm not going to make any grand statements about our future. What comes will come. Whether we tour or not, whether we pump out more albums or not, our future is going to remain murky. But we wanted to throw whatever currency our band has behind a fund raiser for local music school GirlsRockSB! To that end The Mutineers will be the headlining act at Soho on Friday, July 24. Help us raise the money to support the musical empowerment of young ladies. We love to see girls and women represented on stage. The best way to do it is to let them know at a young age that this isn't a boys club. Rock and roll is for everyone. Hope you can come out and see us rock for GirlsRock.