Farewell Mikey Mutineer

We are devastated to tell you all that we lost our dear friend and founding member, Michael Astudillo, over this weekend. It is a terrible loss. Our musical lives together began long before The Mutineers came into being. It was always about spreading cheer to those around us. We used to call it "rallying". Walking up to strangers and playing whatever instruments were available in a frenzy until we overwhelmed them into dropping their guard, smiling and loving life. It's how I met Merry actually.  We hope we rallied you at some point, but if WE didn't, I'm sure Michael did on his own if you shared some time together. That legacy should be remembered and continued by those who were touched by him. The phrase "life's too short to play it safe" was never a flippant refrain. We were seriously warning you and ourselves that our ride here is brief. Live like you fucking mean it. As Michael's Hell No verse says, "cherish each and every last breath." We are heartbroken and dismayed and we love you all for your support over the years. Rest in peace brother.

Memorial for Michael James Astudillo
The Santa Barbara Art Foundry
120 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara
Sunday, November 9th 12-3p

Please join us to honor and celebrate the life of our friend and family member, Michael Astudillo, who meant so much to so many. The hours of 12-2p will be open time for family and friends to gather, remember, support and mourn with one another. A short ceremony will begin at 2p.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. This memorial will be open to the public. Please help us share it with the community.