End of Summer Tour 2016 plus NEW DEMO STREAMING

Hi folks. We are headed down to California for a string of 9 shoes, I mean shows. We are hoping to need only one or possibly two pairs of shoes, but you never know. The shows, on the other hand, are all lined up and listed in the image above and listed in that calendar to the right. We've got new songs to showcase for you as well as some new takes on our back catalog. (Hit play on the music player below to check out an acoustic demo of our new track "Barbara".) We are splitting bills with some great bands including We Arsons, Patrolled By Radar, Deer Leg, Nocona, and The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress. And that doesn't even touch all the great acts at Twang n Bang Fest XI. That is going to be one hell of an all day party.

We have also updated our store and merch box for the road. There are new shirts, new posters, and a new limited edition of our hand printed Dirge CD cases. We design and print all of this stuff, so it comes with our DNA! A cloned pair of Mutineers makes for a great holiday gift. We hope to see you down in the outdoor furnace that is central and southern California. With any luck we will bring you some rain from the slushy lands of the Northwest.

Before we head south you can catch us at Seaside Brewing Company here in Oregon with the mighty Jay Souza of Patrolled By Radar. This Friday evening, August 26. 7-10. When we return, we will be back at the beautiful Skyline Tavern above Forest Park here in Portland. That one is on Friday, Sept. 16.

Alright. Let's do this!