A salute to our bassist Terry Luna and The Mutes plans for 2014

2014 is going to be an exciting year for The Mutineers. After releasing our next album, we plan to return to the East Coast and the Northwest as well as play our first shows in the South. It’s going to be an intense schedule and unfortunately our bassist, Terry, won’t be able to make the journey with us. We know that the only way to grow our band is to get out on the road. We also know that we can’t do it with a “fill-in”. We need the cohesiveness and the continuity of a full band out on tour. And so The Mutineers will take on a new member or two to play bass and/or keys. This was a difficult decision to make and a painful separation. Since our first show together in 2009, Terry Luna has been a important addition to The Mutineers. He helped expand what the band could do sonically and where we could perform. We have played somewhere near 200 shows together, from California to the New York Island. So many great memories came out of those years. Cheers to you Terry! It has been a blast, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to this band, and we wish you the best. 

“I awoke from a spell on a violent swell, thrashing about on The Count. My sail was tattered, trusty bow was frayed, to the dry soil my feet would a’mount. With a brand new name, new tone in my voice and a past I could never recount. I would never look back or speak of the day, there’d be nothing I could not surmount.”  -- Terry Luna, “Hell No”

If you believe you are up for the challenge of being a Mutineer, please refer to the job outline below. Contact us at mutineersmusic@gmail.com if you think you got what it takes:

The Mutineers are looking for a bassist and/or keyboard player. 
Said player must:
-Be over 21 years of age
-Have quality equipment and know how to use it.
-Be able to tour for two 1-2 week trips this year
-Be available for periodic weekend tours.
-Be available for two 3-hour practices a week in Carpinteria and have your own transportation to and from
-We prefer someone with touring experience (i.e. you’re ok with sleeping on a floor, couch or in the van)
-Be able to learn tracks by ear for audition and have a basic understanding of music theory.
-Singing ability is a huge plus but not necessary
We offer:
Fun times. Tour dates around the country. Whiskey. Vanna White (our van). The band will fund recording and most of our touring expenses.